I've written a lot of stories.

They captured Sugih.

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Nothing ever seems to change around here.

Jef said they were lucky.

He got up in the morning.


Sure. Right away.

What were you doing yesterday?

Norman wondered when Morgan had bought the milk that was in the refrigerator.

Do you drive a manual or automatic?

Think slept on the top bunk.

Danzig is a Polish town.

They said they would accept the committee's decision as final.


Valerie denied it all, but facts were facts.

Here we are at Tokyo Station.

I would like to live in the quiet country.

I will wait a week.

He's just a petty hooligan, but if he had just a little more initiative, he could be a major criminal leader.

The beer mug is almost bigger than you are.

He boasted about his skills.

Are you a drug addict?

In retrospect, I should have known that it was a scam.

Where's the morning paper?

I visited the barbershop.


The clouds are getting darker and darker and it's beginning to look like it might rain.

It is as sure as death.

Irwin couldn't concentrate on his work.

His knowledge of geography is insufficient.

Please be ready in fifteen minutes.


Mason and Tigger are no longer friends.

Edmund's house doesn't have electricity.

I want to learn to play the guitar.

The jury began deliberating Monday.

Where do they do that at?

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I thought I'd lend a hand.

He sat down to read a story.

It's not fair that she can go and I can't.

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Ro was caught cheating on a test and got expelled from school.


The former is better than the latter.


Laurie and Ronald both should know better.


Izumi's a big coward.


She is very angry with me.

The ingenious boy won a prize for his invention.

We should teach our kids about the dangers of smoking.

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Don't do things by halves.

It's usually a good thing.

Leave us out of it.

You'll have to pay double.

I'm impressed with your German.


He severely criticized the mayor.

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"Open! I say," repeated Geppetto, "or I'll give you a sound whipping when I get in."

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Give it time and you'll see.

He always troubles himself about minor things.

Tommy did not want to admit it.


Everyone in the room was stunned by what happened.

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Takayuki got life for shooting Art.

I've been kidnapped before.

This is getting us nowhere.

Anna is prepared, isn't he?

Music is all.

She is proficient in both Spanish and Italian.

I would've done that for you.

Don't let anyone open this door.

Pantelis doesn't like being told when to go to bed.

Give them the facts.

I loaned Christopher all my money.

I don't have as many of these as I want.

I change my password almost every day.

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How long are you going to be in town?

What are you gazing at?

My family is from Malaysia.

Gentlemen, lift the toilet seat! Ladies also like to sit dry.

They say that garlic repels mosquitoes.

When I have plucked thy rose, I cannot give it vital growth again. It must needs wither.

I can't drive a bus.


You know I'm always interested in hearing more about that subject.

I guess the answer is yes.

The government tried to suppress all opposition parties.


The hard work begins now.

Along with the plants, animal life, too, was developing in harmony with the strict requirements of the land.

He managed to pass his driving test even though he was a poor driver.


"Who gave that to you?" "Some man."

He's trying to commit suicide.

Do you want something else?


Raul didn't tell anyone where he'd hid the diamonds.

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The meeting ended at 4:00 p.m.


Nothing is as difficult as coming up with a simple explanation for something difficult.


Sanity plays the guitar better than anyone else I know.

We've been waiting all morning.

I have been a teacher for 15 years.


I'll go see if Oskar is in his office.


I knew you'd want to go home early today.

Del was arrested for theft.

No matter how many flowers you give me, I won't go out with you.

The lit skyscraper served as a beacon, welcoming those who came to the city.

Kanthan ought to stay here.

Something's not quite right.

Rudolph was good and drunk.


Felix is one of Charleen's neighbors.

Call me this afternoon.

You're busy, aren't you?

I'm furious with her.

Did you remember to buy candles?

They try the rice.

"Help, help," she cried.


I can't go alone.

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Nothing seemed to be working.

Has this ever been done before?

I have no opponents.


Who knows that?

I just want us to stay together.

Huashi is a very good teacher, isn't he?

Kyle and Owen glared at each other.

Earl drew his gun and shot.


Sometimes Tony visited his family.


The jewel was found in an unlikely place.

He'll return home tomorrow.

He went on a journey a few days ago.


We learned English together.

Police arrested three suspects.

Do you want to hear it?


My father is a heavy smoker.

Is Knut still working?

I just told Bjorne.


Is that depressing?

We have serious problems.

Where were you that day?

Mr Ito will call the roll.

When did she promise to meet him?

Shishir is following me.

Thanks for taking me fishing.


How many cows are there in the village?


The human heart has hidden treasures, in secret kept, in silence sealed.


We've never had any trouble with it so far.

My grandmother attributes her good health to active living.

Please reply by return.

The hijackers moved to the rear of the plane.

Don't say anything that might get you into trouble.

Marla is standing right behind you.

He confessed in court that he was in touch with racist groups.

The longer I stayed in Paris, the more I liked it.

It isn't really helpful to translate word by word.

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Brown is not so much a writer as a scholar.

I don't want to think about the price of gasoline.

Take your sweater so that you may not catch cold.

Jane ran after the deer as fast as possible.

Stop beating around the bush and tell me what happened.

No smoking!

What are our options here?

I have a bad pain in my lower back.

Jay changed subjects.


The man is eating. The woman is eating. The child is eating.

Are their wives permitted to see them?

Some medicines will do you more harm than good.

He was among those chosen.

Knapper wants me to be his girlfriend.


Did Slartibartfast ask you on a date?

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I am aware of the fact.